Blue Screen of Death BSOD Have you seen the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?  It’s the sign that something may be very wrong with your computer.  Windows has encountered an error the server cannot deal with and it just crashes. If it happen once, simply reboot the computer; sometimes these are just one time random errors.  BUT if it happens again? It is time to call the doctors at My PC Clinic. BSOD can be caused by just about anything from failed hardware including the hard drive to software corruption caused by viruses. Do not continue to use it! You have a greatly increased chance of losing data or causing more damage EVERY TIME you continue use. The doctors need to see your computer as soon as possible to help prevent data loss, increased damage, and hefty repair costs. Immediately shut down the computer and call us or bring it into one of our locations in Tempe or Gilbert as soon as possible. Complete the form below to receive a call from one of our technicians: