In our more than six years as a business, we have worked with some of the smallest and largest companies in the country on all facets of the IT spectrum with their commercial services needs. We offer far superior services than a normal IT technician in that we seek to be a complete, outsourced Chief Information Officer and technical staff to our clients. We strive to become part of your decision making and planning processes so that instead of being a separate sector, personalized IT is automatically built into your business structure.

We work with various business models from for-profit corporations, schools and school districts, non-profits and of course sole proprietors. Whether it be a solo-entrepreneur or a 700 person manufacturing company, My PC Clinic will help your company with its many computer needs, be it software or hardware. Our staff has vast experiences with different technologies including: Cisco- Enterprise and Business class; Broadcom; Microsoft Server; Linux; Unix; Industrial Controls including Creo, TruTops, HVAC, Security Cameras and more; a full spectrum of Virus protection and web filtering including Symantec, Trend, ESet and Websence. We strive to help each of our clients get the most from their IT by providing our unique knowledge of the industry, specific to what will best serve your individualized needs.

What all of this comes down to is that we are in business to help businesses. We work tirelessly to help you avoid liabilities, gain advantages and utilize your IT infrastructure to its fullest. While we do have to invoice for our work, we never let dollars come before people and will give assistance however we can.

We hope to work with you and your company soon, and look forward to being your Computer Doctor.

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Email: Info@MyPCClinic.net