One of the saddest sights for technology: payphones. These once life-saving devices now sit unused in cities all over the world creating more of an eyesore than a lifeline. In New York City’s five boroughs, however, this is about to change. Starting in 2015, existing payphone booths will be revamped and joined by more than 10,000 Wi-fi hubs that will be called Links which will offer free wireless internet connectivity all day, every day (barring any technical difficulties that are sure to occur). Once in operation, the Links will allow nearby users to connect to the internet through a secured network, look up directions, and charge mobile devices all in one convenient location. Supposedly at no cost to taxpayers, the upcoming project is a collaboration effort between the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and CityBridge. Through advertising on the internet hubs, the LinkNYC project is expected to make the city more than $500 million dollars in just over ten years of successful use. We’re not sure how successful the program will be but hopefully it inspires other cities to follow New York’s lead and help cut down on citizens’ data overages when they are out and about on the town.


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