Yikes! Turns out Intel manipulated benchmark scores for the first-gen Pentium 4 processors. Not enough techno drama? HP had a hand in the act. The two allegedly published false tests to give the appearance that the new processor was better performing than the AMD Athlon Thunderbird, tests that were done by Intel and not an outside entity as claimed. Even if customers bought systems with the Pentium 4 without knowledge of these fabricated statements, the fact that the companies falsified information in the first place is a big no-no.

The good news in this mess is that you may be able to get a share of the settlement. If you bought a computer with a Pentium processor between November 20, 2000 and June 30, 2002 (regardless of if you have a miraculously still have a receipt or not) you may be eligible to receive a $15 claim. No, $15 isn’t close to what you paid for the unit but it’s better than nothing, right? There is a limited amount that will be refunded so don’t delay in submitting your form soon. If you wait until the April 14, 2015 deadline you’ll likely receive an SOL message in response. To claim your part of the settlement, visit the below link and submit the form online. The link also includes details about the case documents, exclusions that may affect eligibility (like living in Illinois), and customers’ legal rights in the lawsuit.


Intel Pentium 4 Settlement

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