…and then there was 10; Windows 10, that is. At a press conference Microsoft revealed that it has been working on a new operating system that will be released publicly mid-2015. The company’s goal is for the OS to work on phones and computers, touchscreens and mouse-and-keyboard systems, personal laptops and company networks. Operating systems chief for Microsoft Terry Myerson confidently stated, “Windows 10 will deliver the right experience at the right time on the right device.” Seeing as Windows 8 was fraught with user interface nightmares, we’re happy to hear that Microsoft has plans to improve the OS beyond its attempts with 8.1.

The newest OS from Microsoft will still utilize its predecessor’s tile system but the much-lamented Start Menu will be returned. Its absence was an attempt to launch Microsoft touchscreen devices into popularity with simplicity at the helm but this translated into chaos for the traditional devices. Listening to upset customers, Microsoft plans for Windows 10 to combine the best of both worlds by using the touchscreen-friendly tiles and the classic device-friendly start menu. The company recognizes that Windows 7 is still the most-used operating system (despite the end of mainstream support looming in early 2015) and have thus looked to it for inspiration for this next project. Beta users starting today will be testing the new OS so that the company can correct issues and perfect the overall program before its release first to businesses and then to the public.

Widnows 10

Microsoft will reintroduce the Start Menu with the release of Windows 10, set to debut in mid to late 2015.

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