With more than a week of being on the market, iPhone 6 has been subjected to both obsessive praise and petty ridicule yet the facts of these opinions stand for themselves. The newest Apple product simply cannot hold its own against a strong pair of hands or a trendy pair of skinny jeans as it easily bends, resulting at times in breakage. True to the companies’ rivalry, Samsung has come out with an ad which not only highlights their own features but pokes fun at Apple’s as well. A new limited edition Galaxy Note Edge boasts a curved edge with a side display for notifications. The new phone’s cheeky ad puts simply the phone is “Curved. Not bent.” Regardless of whose side you stand on (Apple’s or Samsung’s) it’s clear that the war has only begun and mudslinging is just as fair in this game as in political races.

Curved not bent

Jabs at Apple come standard in new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


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