PHONE ADDICTIONS. Yes, they’re real. Everyone has that friend who wakes up with the imprint of a screen on their face because their iPhone is practically a binky, who interrupts every conversation to make sure that he didn’t miss any messages, or who always thinks she heard her phone vibrate with a new Facebook notification. A simple solution to break this nasty habit? The NoPhone.

The NoPhone is a plastic mold the size of a smartphone. What does it do? Nothing. The NoPhone takes the place of your actual phone so that you can continue interacting with the people around you without constantly updating your status, answering text messages, and obsessively looking to see if it’s flashing to tell you someone needs your immediate attention. If that’s not fancy enough for you there is a special upgrade available: the NoPhone Selfie Upgrade. Every time you look at your NoPhone the selfie screen will remind you you’re just as beautiful as when you checked 30 seconds ago and yes, the person sitting behind you on the train has noticed.

Even as a gag, this could make a great Christmas present to remind your boyfriend that your eyes are on your face, not in his hand. If you can’t wait until they’re available in a store near you, visit NoPhone’s Kickstarter page and become a backer of this anti-technology creation. It’s developers (because it took more than one person to design this product) are eagerly checking their phones every few seconds to see who will support them next…will it be you?

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NoPhone’s Selfie Upgrade allows you to see your own selfies live and in person!

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